Douglas Barnard

Douglas BarnardDouglas Barnard

Douglas Barnard is a long time veteran of both the building industry and computer graphics. He has written extensively on 3D modeling and animation, including magazines, books and on the web. Barnard was a Demo Artist for Autodesk at the prestigious SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference. Barnard has taught 3D courses on the college level at DHIMA in Santa Monica, CA. His client list includes names like Disney, Sprint, American Express, Spence Diamonds and the Saudi Royal Family.

He was an early pioneer in virtual reality simulation, working with Illusion, Inc. in Van Nuys, CA. He was creative lead on the JumpZone, SpeedSports and Mega JumpZone projects. His enthusiasm in this field is sparked by his current project to bring real time virtual reality to design work at Pizzulli Associates.

Barnard is constantly researching new and better ways to render the designs at Pizzulli Associates. as faithfully as possible, giving both designers and clients a reality-based view of a project. His state-of-the-art modeling and rendering systems are implemented at the ever-expanding "render farm" in the Computer Lab. His experience in networked multi-computer rendering systems keeps the entire network humming along to produce the artwork for our presentations.