Cheese Store


The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California

This lauded market, rated the No. 1 cheese shop by the Zagat Marketplace Survey-Los Angeles every year since 1997, charged Pizzulli with the task of enhancing the historic charter of this 1929 building. Research uncovered an original design with three large arches and loggia that had been covered over for 40 years. In addition to revealing the structure’s original luster, Pizzulli completed a mechanical, electrical, and skylight remodel of the facility. In addition his interior design re-creates an authentic European fromagerie, with a cheese cellar in the mezzanine and wine, olives, and salamis on display. Cheeses are displayed in the open, with refrigeration throughout the store, so customers can take in the exquisite fragrances of the store’s unsurpassed variety of cheeses from around the world.

For this project, Pizzulli Associates received the 1997 Architectural Design Award from the Beverly Hills Architectural Commission for notable contributions to the enrichment of the city.